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What's New in Version 5?

Rewritten from the ground up, NeoPaint 5 represents a giant leap forward with major enhancements and new features everywhere. While version 5 will feel familiar to longtime NeoPaint users, it includes many amazing new capabilities. Some of the many new tools and features added to NeoPaint 5 include:

  • New enhanced user interface and faster performance. Tool palettes can be moved, rolled up and docked.
  • 32-bit Alpha Channel and PNG transparency support.
  • Layers.
  • Multi-resolution icons and cursors.
  • New drawing and painting tools: Interactive Crop, Pen, Alpha Channel, Color Tint Brush, Tooth Whitener, Poly Ellipse.
  • Dozens of enhancements to existing drawing and painting tools.
  • Superb high quality text with improved formatting, options and effects - including five anti-aliasing/smoothing modes, adjustable line spacing, shadow effects and rotation to any angle.
  • Levels/Histogram adjustment.
  • Curves adjustment.
  • Full screen editing.
  • Text, cutouts, gradients and stamps can be rotated interactively - to any angle.
  • Gradient and tile fills can be applied to any object.
  • All geometric tools (lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.) support anti-aliasing and adjustable transparency.
  • Arrowhead and line style options added to Line and Bezier tools.
  • 32-bit transparent stamps.
  • Favorites option for often used colors.
  • New color selection options: RGB, CMYK, HSV and HTML.
  • Dozens of new special effects.
  • Dynamic undo/redo reduces memory requirements and speeds up editing of large images.
  • JPEG 2000.
  • 35 RAW image formats.
  • Support for many Photoshop™ plug-ins.
  • Improved screen capture (NeoGrab) with website capture feature.
  • 3D object lighting effects.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Unicode.
  • Improved scanner and camera support.
  • And dozens of other enhancements and improvements.

Layers and other palettes can be
rolled-up to increase workspace.

New snapshot effect.

New curves and levels/histogram
tools help make photos perfect.

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