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NeoBook Interaction with Flash (swf file)  v1.0  
Download Now (23 KB) Publisher's Home Page
Note: Requires NeoBook v5.5 or later

This publication demonstrates the features of the NeoBook-Flash interactions introduced with v5.5 of NeoBook.

The Flash movie (swf file) is designed to send commands to NeoBook every time you click on a shape or image ... the contents of these commands are received by a NeoBook subroutine ... examined and actioned accordingly.

Version:  1.0
Updated On:  17 Feb 2014
Downloads:  2483
File Size:  23 KB
Publisher:  Scripted logic
Home Page:  Scripted Logic
Price:  Free
License:  None
Limitations:  None
Source Code:  Yes
Submitted By:  Gaev

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