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NeoSortArray  v1.0  
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Hi all,

If you need sort arrays, feel free to use NeoArray Plugin:

It has one function:


AE_ArraySort "[array]|delimiter|Order"


[array]: is your matrix, vector or array coded as variable, with a separator.
delimiter: is any character to use to separate items
Order: A for Ascend, D for Descend

return variable: [ae_ArraySorted]

You can download it at:

Plugin is free for private use.

Enjoy it !

David de Argentina

Version:  1.0
Updated On:  5 Feb 2015
Downloads:  1010
File Size:  13 KB
Publisher:  Aplicaciones Especiales
Home Page:  Special Apps
Price:  Free
Platform:  NeoBook 4/5
License:  None
Limitations:  None
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Submitted By:  David_de_Argentina

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