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NeoBookDBPro  v1.6a    
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NeoBookDBPro is an advanced, professional database plug-in designed for use with NeoBook 5 from NeoSoft Corp. NeoBookDBPro provides NeoBook authors with the ability to add advanced database functionality to their publications. NeoBookDBPro uses ODBC and ADO technology to access a variety of database formats including Microsoft® Access™, MySQL™, SQLite™, Microsoft® SQL Server™, Oracle™,  PostgreSQL™, Paradox, dBase and more. In fact, when properly configured with the appropriate ODBC driver, NeoBookDBPro can be used to access just about any type of database system.

The included Report Designer provides NeoBookDBPro users with the ability to create a variety of advanced database reports. The Report Designer utilizes a NeoBook-like interface allowing reports to be created interactively using simple drag and drop commands. The appearance, formatting and placement of data is entirely customizable. Advanced reports can be designed to print mailing labels, lists, invoices, office forms complete with graphics and more. Finished reports can be previewed and printed from within your compiled NeoBook publication using live database data!

Browse and edit database tables on-screen or use NeoBookDBPro behind the scenes to store and retrieve information. Data can be displayed in free form or customized grid formats. Easy-to-use actions include add, edit, delete, sort, search, import, export, print, display value lists, custom field formatting and more. Includes support for picture/blob fields, stored procedures, multi-user, and access to advanced SQL commands. Includes detailed help, tutorial and example publications. Free to try, $99 if you decide to use it.

Translated Help Files: French, Spanish
(Thank you to jean-louis Gastoldi for translating these files!)

Version History:
Complete version history included with installation.

Version:  1.6a
Updated On:  9 Nov 2012
Downloads:  7105
File Size:  3.68 MB
Publisher:  NeoSoft Corp.
Home Page:  NeoBookDBPro Home
Price:  $99.00
Platform:  NeoBook 5
License:  Shareware
Limitations:  Nag Screen
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  NeoSoft Support

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