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Billenium Transitions  v2.0    
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A high quality transition Plug-In can dramatically improve your publications. Just think on videos and TV commercials, they are plenty of them. Cross fades are even widely used in movies and TV programs.

NeoBook includes several transition effects but now you can get an extensive collection of professional transitions at a very affordable price: Billenium Transitions for NeoBook.

There are 14 different families of transitions, most of them with several variations so you get hundreds of effects. In fact, by using the 'Bitmap mask' transition you are only limited by your imagination as you can design your own effects. Full timing support (in milliseconds) allows you to obtain the same effect duration in any computer.

Our transitions have been extensively tested on thousands of computers worldwide. They are reliable and fast enough for use in not so powerful computers. What's more, they don't use DirectX or OpenGL so you can be confident that no driver or hardware problems will arise on your users computers.

Easy of use is one of our main goals. We provide a nice visual editor which can show a preview of the effect. Given the great number of parameters and variations we provide, this can save a lot of time if you are a perfectionist. What's more, you can change the transition kind (for example from a 'Roll' to a 'Bitmap mask') without leaving the editor.

If you prefer not to install the Plug-in you can download just a demo executable.

This plug-in has been designed for use in NeoBook 5. Previous versions of NeoBook are not compatible.

Version History:
What's new in version 2.0?:

1. New Page transition
2. New Pixelate transition
3. New Blur transition
4. New SmoothBand property in the Wipe transition
5. New MaskMode (Stretch, Tile or Zoom) property in the Bitmap mask transition
6. Added a random direction setting for transitions
7. Added a 7th smoothing level in circle, diagonal, interlaced and radial transitions
8. Much faster roll transition
9. Improved transitions editor: asynchronous preview and optional autopreview
10. New btnReverseNext action instructs the next transition to execute in reversed mode
11. New btnEnableAutoReverse action automatically reverses the transition direction (where available) when navigating to a previous page (NeoBook v5.0.4 and above)
12. New btnDisableAutoReverse action does not automatically reverse the transition direction when navigating to a previous page (NeoBook v5.0.4 and above)
13. New human readable storing format: allows you to easily configure your transition settings though scripting. For example: ShowObject "MyPicture" "Billenium" "Transition=Page;Direction=Down;Milliseconds=1000"
14. Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature of Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003

Caution! If you open a publication with transitions created with version 1 of Billenium Transitions they may be converted to the new format of this version. Please make a copy of your publication if you want to be able to open it with version 1 of the PlugIn again. Another option is not to save the publication so the transitions keep their original format.

  • High performance (MMX/SSE assembler optimized)
  • No graphics hardware acceleration is required
  • No DirectX or OpenGL are required
  • 14 different families with hundreds of different cool effects
  • You can set transition duration in milliseconds
  • Unified editor (you can configure a transition and later change to another one without needing to delete and create a new one)
  • Preview in the editor

Version:  2.0
Updated On:  10 Dec 2012
Downloads:  2974
File Size:  857 KB
Publisher:  BilleniumSoft
Home Page:  BilleniumSoft
Price:  $49.00
Platform:  NeoBook 5
License:  Shareware
Limitations:  None
User Rating: 
Submitted By:  NeoSoft Support

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