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PFlashAssist  v1.0  
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PFlashAssist is a plugin developed by Gaev Keeka of ScriptedLogic and Hans-Peter Wickern of HPWsoft .

This plugin enables NeoBook Developers to exploit the PFlash for JavaScript and NeoBook© facility developed by Luis Hernández Peña of ... without having to learn JavaScript.

Using this plugin, NeoBook developers can ...

  • populate the stage area with Text, Shapes and Images
  • move, size and rotate these clips
  • apply reflections, masks, bevels, drop shadows, blurs, glows and filters
  • perform animations and distortions
  • play sound and video files
  • save stage areas to jpg or png files
  • enable users to control clips with the mouse
  • trigger NeoBook subroutines for various user actions
  • and much more ....
  • Sample Output

    Sample Outputs

    Sample Output 

You can download the PFlashAssist package frome here ... it contains the plugin files as well as the HTML and SWF files that make up the PFlash facility ... a comprehensive Help file and a sample/demo publication are also included.

Note that with Unregistered copies ...

- all plugin commands (except the ones that save the stage area to local files) will be serviced when deployed in NeoBook's Design Mode.

- none of the plugin commands will work within compiled applications.

Instructions for Registering the plugin are available here.


  • Over 50 plugin commands
  • Wizards for each command at Design time
  • Comes with a comprehensive Help file
  • Includes a Sample/Demo pub file

Version:  1.0
Updated On:  17 Feb 2014
Downloads:  1401
File Size:  987 KB
Publisher:  Gaev and HPW
Home Page:  Scripted Logic
Price:  $25
Platform:  NeoBook 5
License:  Shareware
Limitations:  Other
User Rating: 
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Submitted By:  Gaev

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