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Postby Jose » Mon Mar 04, 2002 4:57 pm

I have  a new problem it is  I m using article object to show a table of articles it is inside of a  table with reference and name of article      my first question is I want to link ich name of article with a styck note so when you click on name of article the stick note give you the price but when I selecte the name and I put the link the name desapear.

2º I want have a button to print a rtf article object as the rtf file are embebed inside of the aplication may question is I must put in the CDROOm a folther example
printer with the files and put in the button of print
[PubDir]printers\1.rtf or theare any other way to print this article embebed inside of the aplication withou put the folder in the CDROOM?

Thank you



Postby NeoSoft Support » Tue Mar 05, 2002 3:45 pm

Hello Jose,

You can include a hyperlink inside a table cell, but because of a quirk in the text editor, you can't select the entire cell. To avoid this problem, simply add a space at the beginning or end of the file name and select everything but the extra space for the hyperlink.

You can use NeoBook's PrintTextFile action to print RTF files. If you use explicit file names instead of variables, NeoBook's compiler will include the files inside the compiled publication exe. If you use variables as part of your file names, then obviously the compiler won't be able to find those files and include them inside the exe. In that case, you'll need to manually add then to your CD.
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