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Is it possible to write a consecutive, line of characters?

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Is it possible to write a consecutive, line of characters?

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 4:26 pm

Is it possible to write a consecutive line of characters?

I need to write a line to a file like so:


The only thing I can see to do with FileWrite is either choose the specific line I want to write to (which if kept the same) is writes over itself), or to append, which then lists then like so:


Am I missing a way to do this (easily)?



Hy Troy,

the most easy way is to create your line inside one variable. If the line is ready, just write the variable to a file and all works fine.

something like

setvar "[line]" "[line],[newentry]"

repeat this, until your line is complete .... than

FileWrite "testfile" "Append" "[line]"




Hy Troy,

maybe it is not my day ...... but I did not get the point ... 8-(

I just tried out a little sample in NB and it works fine ...

Structures like

FileWrite "test.txt" "1" "[tmp1],[tmp2],[tmp3],[tmp4]"

are allowed and allow also a char-separated single-line output

You also can modify a special line inside a text file, eg. adding a char-separated text at the end of the line ...

FileRead "test.txt" "1" "[tmp]"
FileWrite "test.txt" "1" "[tmp],[text]"

adds to line 1 the text, contained in variable [text], separated by ","


Jim Brammer

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