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Play PowerPoint inside a Pub

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Play PowerPoint inside a Pub

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 3:08 pm

Is there a way to play a Power Point presentation within NeoBook?


Probably not what you are looking for, but PowerPoint comes with a freeware PowerPoint Viewer.  

According to Microsoft,
"The PowerPoint Viewer is a program used to run slide shows on computers that don't have PowerPoint installed. You can add the Viewer to the same disk as a presentation by using the Pack and Go Wizard. Then you can unpack the Viewer and presentation together and run the slide show on another computer. You can also create a play list to use with the Viewer so you can run multiple presentations, one after another.

The Viewer, which can be freely distributed with no additional license, comes with PowerPoint and is located in the Office 97 ValuPack folder on the CD-ROM. If you didn't install PowerPoint from a CD-ROM and you have access to the World Wide Web, point to Microsoft on the Web on the Help menu, and then click Free Stuff."

You could use the Run command to execute the viewer and a slide show file.  However, of course, it will run as an external application.  

Perhaps someone else knows how to make it run within a NB window?


If the end user has PowerPoint installed on their system you could make a PUB that has a large WebBrowser object on it. Set the browsers "Internet Address or HTML File" to the path of your .PPT file. PowerPoint.exe will load within the browser object. There's you're plugin!

As a side note, Microsoft has what they call an "Office Animation Runtime" for HTML exported PowerPoint presentations...


(From Microsoft)
"You can use the Microsoft® PowerPoint® Animation Player for ActiveX to view PowerPoint presentations complete with animation and sound effects in a 32-bit Web browser. If you install the Player, you will be able to view the animation in a PowerPoint presentation posted on the Web."

Seems that with this ActiveX control installed on the end-users system that they wouldn't need to have PowerPoint installed *and* you could update your PPT files on your web server in turn, updating your NeoBook content for those who are connected
Jim Brammer

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