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E-Mail Tips

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E-Mail Tips

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 4:13 pm

There is an E-Mail example in the NeoBook 4 > PUBz area of the NeoDezign website. "Mini-E" is a demo of the NeoBook SendMail command. It should get you going in the right direction.

Using "InternetLink / mailto:" does not automatically send an e-mail. It merely fires-up your default e-mail client so that you can begin typing an e-mail yourself. If you intend to automatically send a message, information or data, without any user intervention then I would strongly suggest that you try the internal "SendMail" function in NeoBook.

If the "InternetLink" command is what you need to use, there are some commandline options that you can use to have the e-mail filled out completely for you... but you'll still need to send it manually.

?Subject=Type your subject here
&BODY=Type the body of your message here

%09: Tab
%0A: Carriage
%0D: Return
%20: Space

As discussed here some time ago, some mail programs have a problem when they encounter a 'space' between two words (as would be found in the Subject and Body). Theses spaces should be replaced with '%20'. Not to worry. The 'StrReplace' command will do this for you! Below is a 3-line example of the mailto string complete with Subject, CC and Body. The second line replaces the spaces for you. (Please be aware of word-wrap in this message!)

<font size=-2>
SetVar "[MailString]" " Here& is the content of the message.%0AThis is after a carriage return%0A%0AThis is after two returns."

StrReplace "[MailString]" " " "%20" "[MailString]"

InternetLink "[MailString]"
Jim Brammer

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