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PopUpImage or Show-Hide Object?

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PopUpImage or Show-Hide Object?

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 3:57 pm

I have a popupimage that shows when mouse enter.
What code would I use to make it disappear when mouse exit.


Hi Wrangler,

May be better to use the showobject and hideobject actions for what you want to do. Just create an picture object for the image you want to show, set it to invisible, then with whatever you are using to make the image visible (button?), when mouse enters, showobject, mouse exits, hide object.

Thats my thought. Popupimage does not have that type of control as far as I know, but someone may know a way to make it work.



Well here is the problem that i have!!

I got a list box that displays couple hundred names. When the user highlights a name it shows a thumbnail example 250X130 of it. This part works great. I have a button under the Thumbnail that will launch an outside Application that loads the example of the currently displayed thumbnail.

The problem is when i close my outside Application my PopupImage disappears because I selected the option "Until Next Screen Redraw" and I guess it redraws my Neobook Applications since it was coverd by my other Applications. Try to use the timer and set a big number 600000 milliseconds but it didn't work and also made my Neobook project do all sorts of odd things.

I basically need it to function like the ImageWindow but without the Floating Window and I need it embedded into my Neobook Application like the PopupImage.

It seems odd that there is not a option to do this in Neobook. There needs to be another option under PopUpImage display image until Page Changes or have an option like Close PopupImage like they offer under the ImageWindow.

Anyone have any ideas for a solution to my problem???


:NeoSoft Technical Support

Thank you for using NeoBook.

Why don't you use a picture object instead of a popup image. Unlike a popup image, a picture object is actually part of the publication and will not be erased by screen redraws. You can tush ign a variable to the picture object
instead of a literal file name. Then when you want to display a different image, just tush ign the file name to the variable using the SetVar action. NeoBook will automatically update the picture.

NeoSoft Technical Support
Jim Brammer

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