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Play Video File

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Play Video File

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 6:12 pm

I am still working on my publication. What I want to do know is to play a video file, and If a user press a key (like escape or a simple keyword) then It goes to the next page. I´ve been trying but couldn´t find anything to solve this.
I would really aprecciate your help.


You could place a button off-screen that is set to use the "Esc" key as the hotkeystroke. In the action for that button use...

MediaPlayerStop "MediaPlayer1"
GotoPage "PageNameHere"

Is that what you mean?



Another method is to put the below script in the PageExit tab of the Page Properties.

StopMedia "[videofile]"


Depending on the processor overhead to play the video file, I have found that Neobook sometimes looses 'focus' especially if you are using an mpeg accelerator card.
Once the video file is playing, it can help to 'refresh' the button object that contains the 'hotkey' short cut.

Hope this helps

Jim Brammer

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