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Questions about using NeoBook's scripting language

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Postby robertpet » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:16 am

is there an action in neobook that will let me save and create pages or is there a plugin I can use ?
or a work around in a script? and if it could save the text input in the fields would be great to.? thank you.
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Re: subrutine

Postby dpayer » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:48 pm

You can copy the objects from a page by selecting them and then select copy and then paste to notepad.

You can then paste these into a new page, effectively saving a page. You will need to manually add in the actions for the page itself though.

Saving the data entry is simply an issue of writing the content of those variables to disk.

Can you give a more detailed example of what you want to do?
David Payer
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Re: subrutine

Postby robertpet » Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:44 am

hi dave
thank you for helper me I got neobook and I downloaded the dbpro plugin and they had an example of an address book so I some changes and I understand the code sum what but I needed more fields
so I added 2 more fields but they are not being recognized by the variable I guess here is the code I want to add 2 fields (earthborn & propak )on the page variables are (earthbornE and propakP )
in the properties of the fields. but when I update the files clears the others but not those 2 I know I am missing something little just cant put my finger on it?

SetVar "[OldError]" "[dbfError]"
dbfGetSeqRecordNumber "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "[CurRec]"
dbfQueryCount "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "[RecCount]"
TrackBarSetMax "TrackBar1" "[RecCount]"
SetVar "[DbfError]" "[OldError]"

If "[DBStatus]" "<>" "Open"
dbfCreate "[PubDir]Sample.dbf" "FIRSTNAME,String,25|LASTNAME,String,25|STREET,String,50|CITY,String,25|STATE,String,2|ZIP,String,10|COMMENTS,Memo,0" "DataBaseUpdate"
dbfSetColumnTitles "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "First Name|Last Name|Street|City|State|Zip|Comments"
dbfSetColumnWidths "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "90|90|177|100|40|60|358"
dbfSetTitleStyle "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "219,219,219" "Arial" "9" "Normal" "Black"
dbfSetCellStyle "[PubDir]sample.dbf" "236,233,216" "Arial" "9" "Normal" "WindowText"
SetVar "[DBStatus]" "Open"

this is in the books background page the gosub is on the first page of the book ( gosub databaseopen )
on the 2nd line of code by the end of memo,0 I want to add the variable (earthbornE ) could I do this ( comments,memo,0|earthbornE,memo," "databaseUpdate"

thanks again for helping me bob.
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