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Future of Windows (death of Win32)

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Future of Windows (death of Win32)

Postby dpayer » Wed May 10, 2017 6:21 am

Very interesting article that explains how Microsoft is developing Windows 10 S which will change many things for desktop applications. ... hird-time/

I was largely unaware of much of this going on in the background starting with Windows 8. Security issues will prevent many apps from running in Win 10 S in the future.
David Payer
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Re: Future of Windows (death of Win32)

Postby Gaev » Wed May 10, 2017 7:03 am

David Payer:

This article was triggered by the recent announcement of Windows 10 S ... which is a subset (a.k.a restricted) version of the regular Windows 10 Pro ... that will (for now) only run on special devices (from Microsoft and partners) ... rumors of it also being planned for Microsoft's umpteenth attempt at a smartphone device.

This new device is Microsoft's answer to Google's ChromeBook (that runs ChromeOS; not Android) which apparently is hugely popular in schools ... Microsoft doesn't want to make the same mistake that IBM made (with free Unix in Universities) and they made (with Apple in schools) ... where a whole generation grows up being very familiar with a platform that they then promote in their adult lives.

The new platform is also seen to be a fit in other environments (like Kiosks) where there needs to be strict control over what can be done by the end user.

Yes, this means that only Apps (not windows .exe) will run on these devices ... so, a blow to NeoBook ... but all the more reason to make the move to NeoAppBuilder.
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