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Web Browser Question

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Web Browser Question

Postby StarterPack » Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:28 pm

In the morning when i wake up i can't wait to get to my pc to startup neobook and start learning... learning the whole day.
At night i wanna through the pc out of the window!!! Screaming.. WHY ME!!!

Ok it's bad, but not THAT bad, at least i have you guys :)

I have a ListBox that loads a list of names at startup into ListBox
When i double click in ListBox on one of the names it loads that name into TextEntry2. This is in ListBos double click command
SetVar "[TextEntry2]" ""
StrIns "[ListBox1]" "[TextEntry2]" "" [TextEntry2]
TimerStart "Timer1" "50"

I also have 3 other TextEntry's named '[TextEntry1], [TextEntry3] and [TextEntry4]
In TextEntry1 i allready put in [PubDir] in the Text Properties and in TextEntry 3 i put in .html
So when the Timer starts it reads
SetVar "[TextEntry4]" "[TextEntry1][TextEntry2][TextEntry3]"
So if i had clicked on Cars in ListBox, TextEntry4 will read
I have lots of .html files in my PubDir i want to use, so how do i get the Browser that when i double click in ListBox it must read TextEntry4 "[PubDir]Cars.html" and show that .html file in Browser. I'm not gonna use the Browser on the internet but want to use it for .html files on my pc.

In the Browser Properties window it ask's for Internet Address or HTML File. i did put in [TextEntry4] so it can read the path to the .html file. But it doesn't work.

Thanks Again
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Re: Web Browser Question

Postby Gaev » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:22 pm


1) The WebBrowser object does NOT load the file corresponding to the value in the specified variable (i.e. [TextEntry4]) everytime its value changes ... take a look at the BrowserGoTo command for this.

2) I do not understand the purpose of the TimerStart command in your example.

3) Not sure why you are making this so complicated ... all you need is this command in the Double Click event section ...
Code: Select all
BrowserGoTo "WebBrowser1" "![PubDir][ListBox1].html"

If the browser can not find the file, do this instead ...
Code: Select all
SetVar "[thisFile]" "!pubDir][ListBox1].html"
AlertBox "thisFile" '[thisFile]"
BrowserGoTo "WebBrowser1" "![thisFile]"
... and post the value in the AlertBox command.
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Re: Web Browser Question

Postby StarterPack » Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:32 pm

You just make me so happy! Tomorrow morning i'm gonna stand up with a smile again :)
The first script works perfectly. Thank You So Much!!!!

I cannot believe i write that much script! Look how easy it is now
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