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Que Neobook sea "Responsive"

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Que Neobook sea "Responsive"

Postby gusgusl » Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:34 pm

Estaria bueno que al igual que los programas de diseño web hoy dia son del tipo "Responsive" o sea que se adaptan a las diferentes resoluciones del navegador web que Neobook tambien pudiera adaptarse en la parte estetica y de presentacion a diferentes resoluciones de pantalla pero manteniendo el codigo por detras de los objetos para todas resoluciones creadas.
Esto simplificaria enormemente el no tener que andar adaptando el tamaño de botones y demas graficos creados cada vez que el software va a correr en otra resoucion.

English Translation: Would be good like web design programs today are like "Responsive" meaning that adapt to different resolutions Neobook web browser that also could be adapted in the aesthetics and presentation to different screen resolutions while maintaining the code behind the objects created for all resolutions.
This would simplify greatly not having to go adapting the size of buttons and other graphics created each time the software is run on another resoucion.
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Re: Que Neobook sea "Responsive"

Postby Neosoft Support » Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:07 am

It is possible to create a "responsive" or resizable application with NeoBook. This involves using NeoBook's Container tool to divide the application's screen into different zones. Rather than just stretching everything, which can look rather crude, this technique allows precise control over how each element of the interface is resized. This is how professional programmers create resizable applications. You will probably need to modify your existing application to take advantage of these features. NeoBook's help file includes a tutorial called "Creating a Resizable Publication" that explains how this concept works.
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