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Example 14: [Embedding] Example 13

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Example 14: [Embedding] Example 13

Postby David de Argentina » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:46 pm

This sample shows how to work with [Embedded] .tBasic files:

Program assumes you had embedded the "Biblio.tBasic" file.

Code: Select all
FileToVar "[Embedded]Biblio.tBasic" "[tBasicProgram]"
dbpOpenAccessDatabase "Biblio" "[PubDir]Biblio.mdb" ""
dbpOpenTable "Biblio" "Titles" ""
SetVar "[Records]" "[Biblio.Titles.$RecCount]"
ae_TB_LoadScript "[tBasicProgram]" "V"
ae_TB_Run ""

Rest, is the same of Example 13

Enjoy !
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