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New appearance with msstyles files

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Re: New appearance with msstyles files

Postby dpayer » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:02 am

ernesto wrote:Add Styles (*.Msstyles) for applications built with NeoBook.
It would be perfect to our taste customize applications.

Regards guys! :wink:

I have often thought it would be interesting to create apps using an HTML interface from the master page which could be designed using HTML/CSS with some very good existing tools out there.

Of course, buttons/rectangles and even additional web objects could be placed on top of the web page from the master NB page (and they could be made transparent or hidden as needed) and the functions of NB could be enacted via the neobook: protocol .

It would be a big work around from the current IDE but a possibility for future NB development. Your example of a dropdown is one of the clear ones that the HTML method of showing one value but recording another (whereas NB shows a value and you either record that selected value or the number on the list it represents) is often a preferable way of doing things.

In fact, there are whole javascript libraries that have forms/modal windows/graphic displays/calendars and more could be the 'face' of a NB app with a little effort!

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