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NeoBook to Mac/iOS/Linux

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NeoBook to Mac/iOS/Linux

Postby NeoScripter » Thu Jul 28, 2011 2:51 am

Hey everyone, since I'm bored I was wondering if anyone had applications that they needed ported over to Mac/iOS/Linux? It would be much easier if you could provide the Delphi/C++/C/PowerBasic/NeoBook source but I can also port applications that you are unable to provide the source for.

I can port most applications for a small price (negotiable) or even for free, the payment is obviously made after the software is ported to the requested platform(s). Ported applications are native, run fast and are very small. If your NeoBook application uses plug-ins I can easily port most of them (some may be a bit difficult, but nothing that I cannot manage). You have the right to market any ported application as long as the original application did not violate any laws.

Below is a list of platforms that I can port to:
Mac OS X 10.2+ (64 or 32 bits and Intel/PowerPC/Universal)
iOS 2.2.1+
Linux (32/64 bits)
Windows x64 (Mega Small and Fast, programmed in ASM upon request)
Nintendo DS/Wii (Very Limited SDK)

Currently Ported Apps:
I. NeoBook Web Browser - A (very) quickly made port of the NeoBook Web Browser example, it supports Java/Flash/JavaScript/Etc. The application is a Universal build, meaning that it will run on Intel/PowerPC/32-bit/64-bit Macs, the program is also only 217 KB uncompressed.

Image ImageImage

Download: (Unpacked: 217 KB/189,690 bytes/Universal)

If you want an application ported send me a message on these forums or e-mail me at: Alex-Rothschild (at) Live.Com.
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