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NeoString Search question

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NeoString Search question

Postby dpayer » Mon May 16, 2011 2:34 pm

David (de Argentina),

Thank you for offering your plugins to the community.

I am using your plugin because I need to do right to left searches in my string analysis.

Code: Select all
AE_ST_AT "[Source_text]|[search_text]|[from_pos]|[direction]"
Search a MatchString into a Source String.

[source_Text]: is the original string or variable
[Search_Text]: is the text to be searched
[from_pos]: is the offset withing the original string to start the search
[direction]: must be: LR: from Left to Righ or RL: from Right to Left

Returns: [ae_resultado] with the position if found.
Note: the position of [ae_resultado] is always from Left to Right

I am running in to a few issues.

1) It appears I need to reset the value of the resultant variable to null/empty or the plugin doesn't work consistently
2) when searching from an end point in the string that is determined by NB's strlen the function doesn't seem to work (may be related to #3). BUT if I have it search the string from position 1 and ask it to do RL (right to left) it will search from the end of the string. (this can be duplicated in your demo)
3) actually I am not sure the 'from_pos' condition really starts the search from that point at all. If the starting point is beyond the length of the string, the error is that the position rendered is zero (0).

I know we "should" be able to know the point we are starting to search from in a string. But the fact that the strlen position given by NB appears to be out of range to search from the end of the file to the left.

Insights are appreciated.

David Payer
(I'd be happy to send you a project I am working on as an example).
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Postby David de Argentina » Tue May 17, 2011 8:24 pm

Hi DavidP,

When i have a bit of time, i will recheck this plugin.

Thanks a bunch for your comment !

David de Argentina
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David de Argentina
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