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How to: Extract program icons

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How to: Extract program icons

Postby ShadowCat » Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:18 am

If somebody have a same problem:

First download this:
Place this file in your pub's main directory.

Create a Rectangle called "PROGRAM" outside of your pub.
In your pub create a simple text field with a "[NewApp]" variable.
Copy this into the "Text change" field:

StrLen "[NewApp]" "[NewAppLen]"
math "[NewAppLen]-2" "0" "[NewAppLenCut]"
SubStr "[NewApp]" "[NewAppLenCut]" "[NewAppLen]" "[NewAppEXE?]"
if "[NewAppExe?]" "=" "exe"
RunInRectangle "PROGRAM" "[PubDir]BatchIconExtractor.exe" "[NewApp]" "HideMenu+HideSizeBox" "" "[BIE]"
Delay "1000"
CloseApp "[PubDir]BatchIconExtractor.exe" "ForceClose"
Run "Explorer.exe" "[PubDir]icons" "Normal" "" ""
SetVar "[NewApp]" ""
SetVar "[NewApp]" ""

Now run your pub and drop an *.exe file on the text field.
Wait a little and ... yuppp! =) In the [PubDir]\icons folder you have the icon(s) and you can now work with them. =)
(Someties not working with some *.exe file, I don't know why.)

P.s.: Srry for my bad english. =)
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