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NeoDezign Flash Video (FLV) Plug-In

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NeoDezign Flash Video (FLV) Plug-In

Postby Ndzn » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:07 pm

NeoDezign FLV is a simple Flash Video (.FLV) Player Plug-In for NeoBook 5.


Gives you simple yet full control and smooth playability of Adobe Flash Video files.

With only six commands and ready-to-use NeoBook control buttons & objects you can create a fully functional FLV player, literally, in a matter of minutes.

Key Features...

* Play Local FLV files
* Play FLV files from the Internet
    Buffer Bytes Loaded, Percent Loaded, and Buffer Progress Bar
* Automatic Status Variables
    Playing, Paused, Stopped
    Percent Complete
    Total Length in Milliseconds and HH:MM:SS
    Current Position in Milliseconds and HH:MM:SS
* NeoBook Control Buttons & TrackBars
    Drag TrackBar to play from dropped position
* playerComplete Sub
    Detects the end of a clip and facilitates custom coding
    providing an easy way to create Queues or Playlists

* Independent Volume Control
* Flexible, Stretchable, Resizable WHILE PLAYING
* Tiny (6KB) SWF Player File
* No coding required! Just copy & Paste the ready-made NeoBook buttons & objects!

Makes a perfect companion to NeoBookDX and NeoDezign CDA Plug-Ins

ndznFLV is a shareware Plug-In priced at only $12 (US dollars) to make it relatively affordable to register.

:arrow: Download ndznFLV Demo
:arrow: Visit the NeoDezign FLV web page for more info...
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