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nzPluginSocket question, HELP!

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Re: nzPluginSocket question, HELP!

Postby dpayer » Sun Jan 21, 2007 12:09 pm

issam1979 wrote:I coudn't figure out how to make an ftp server with this plugin yet, if anyone has tried this or is familiar with Internet Protocol Standards or these RFCs, please help :( .

Thanks in advance

I looked at this plugin as a way to create something similar. Here are some conclusions I came to

- you must read thoroughly the RFCs that pertain to the type of protocol server you want to create. There are many steps along the way.
- you must know how client software will talk to the server and the type of responses that are expected. There will come times when the response may be expected in a binary and not text format. Be aware.
- most likely this will be a very slow server methodology. The reason is that this will be a single threaded program. Most servers will be able to listen to more than one request at a time. Server programs made with this plugin will be limited to one. This means you must finish working with one person before you can begin to work with the next person. There will be no explanation to the second person of why it is not working, it is only single threaded.

Still, I think you could learn alot about how servers work by doing this as a learning project.

You can also look at Hans-Peter's newLisp plugin. It has similar functionality to listen to socket connections and respond. Unfortunately, windows programs are not guaranteed to listen to multiple threads, nor to restart a listening process once finishing a task, as it would do on a Linux server.

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