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Button Caption Alignment

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Button Caption Alignment

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 5:27 pm

Button Caption Alighnment

I am entering a number of button captions into my application. There may be up to 8 identical buttons on a page, each with its own caption.

I notice that as I enter captions that the horizontal alignment of the text will vary from button to button. Sometimes centered horizontally as I want it, but sometimes high & off center.

As far as know there is no setting anywhere for this kind of thing on buttons, so I am stumped.

None of the captions contain variables [xxx]. The buttons do not interact with any of the other buttons. The font I am using is Verdana and is the same for each button. The font color and the background color of the button is the same for each one. Each caption is centered and there is plenty of height and width without crowding.

Anyone have any ideas?

Pete Charlton


Check for a carriage return after your caption text.
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Data (in the money) Don



I hate it when I run into a know-it-all..  

You have to come to Texas to collect the quarter..

Thanks Don...

Jim Brammer

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