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Using [CDROMDrive], - detecting cd rom drive

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Using [CDROMDrive], - detecting cd rom drive

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 4:31 pm

Using [CDROMDrive]

Does anybody knows how to detect whether the [PubDir] is located in a Read-Only media (e.g., CDROM drive)?

I used the scripts (pseudocode)...

If "[PubDrive]" "=" "[CDROMDrive]"
set folder path to C SAMPLE
set folder path to [PubDir]SAMPLE

If there are more than 2 CD-ROM drives, the [CDROMDrive] command does not work for the 2nd drive. As such, if you have a PUB that writes to the same drive where the PUb resides... you will have error becos' NB4 does not detected it as a CD-ROM drive.

However, if you run the PUB from the 1st CD-ROM drive, everything is OK.

According to Dave, the [CDROMDrive] will not work for 2nd drive.. and There is a simple Windows function that programmers use to determine the drive type, but there's no interface for it in NeoBook. "

Maybe.. a plugin would be great. I wanted to kickstart myself to learn Delphi... but right now... I have some NB4 projects in hand... so have to KIV it. Anybody has any suggestion or workaround?



Hy Ronnie,

write a little routin to the function library you can call in future. This function only will do a temporary filewrite action. After the action, check the global [LastError] variable for success or not.
You only have to deactivate the DISPLAY ERROR MESSAGES in the Books-properties, section MISC (topmost)

Maybe not the most clever way, but it works 8-)



Hi Gerhard,

Yes, I have thought of doing that before .. although it's not as great as it should be.. it's the current workable solution...

Jim Brammer

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