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SpiritSaver Repost - entry is missing

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SpiritSaver Repost - entry is missing

Postby SpiritHorseNOOT » Sat Jan 24, 2004 9:23 pm

SpiritSaver 1.4

by J.R. Reed (SpiritHorseNOOT)

Q:What Does this program do?
A: It will save single or multiple objects you created in neobook (including all the scripts,fonts,colors,text,size,and position) so that you can use them later or in other projects.

NOTE: SpiritSaver DOES NOT currently save subroutines attached to an object(s) which are attached to the saved object(s).
Download Version 1.4

Whats New ........

Version 1.1

fixed the create button so it works everytime (Thanks to HPW for his sendkeytotitle plugin)

new design

added object types

made it so it will reconize a neobook object in the clipboard

now has a setup to put it in the programs files dir

Program can now be rolled up when not in use

now stays on top

Version 1.2

different design more profesional looking

new search feature ( see the hints in the search option for more info)

new edit feature to edit database entries

Version 1.3

bugfixed when recreating saved objects; restoreing the first record no longer restores all records

new design to reduce mouse clicks required to save,edit,delete,and restore objects

add ability to search for exact match for name of items

Version 1.3a

Now has update Feature

Version 1.3b

add ini file to contain the update urls in case of update site changing (Thanks Christian for the suggestion)

Version 1.3c

fixed access violation error (assumption by no comment back wheather or not it was fixed but I don't get the error anymore)

Version 1.4

added a Comment/Description field so that you know what it is for without guess or recreating the object to see what it is

added version # info to the title of the program

Well so I reposted my Website for SpiritSaver if it gets deleted I don't know what do to

You also could check out Jims "NeoObjects" which does basically the same thing

SpiritSaver Repost

Postby rcohen » Sat Jan 24, 2004 10:37 pm

Thanks for the cool freeware...!!

SpiritSaver Repost

Postby aSpibz » Sun Jan 25, 2004 4:18 am


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