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Calling an External Function Library - CALL, Function

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Calling an External Function Library - CALL, Function

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 5:34 pm

Calling an External Function Library

I think I remember reading a post about somebody asking about having Neobook CALL an external Function Library??? Did anyone figure out a way to read an external Function file. I did remove my function from the Function Library in Neobook before compiling in which you recieve and error. But if you put the file in the same directory and the neobook application it works. My question is my project is on a cd-rom and I would like to generate these Functions Library say when my project starts and my splash screen is showing. Since I can't save the Function Library I generated to the CD-ROM I have to save it to the hard drive. So does anyone have an idea if there is anyway to have Neobook CALL this Function Library.

The thing is I would like to create my Neobook project and have it generate the HTML file and the FUNCTION LIBRARY from a group of file in a File List that will be hidden when my prject starts. That way when I add new programs to directories in my project I don't have to update my Neobook Projects because it automatically updates the File Lists everytime it starts.

Also I am planning to use the a Web page as the interface and have Web Browser Object call the Neobook Action the way Jim and Jay showed.

And it would be great if I can have in automatically generate a Funtion Library that I could call from the hard drive. Since I have many categories with 50 or files that I need to link to from the web page. Typing this a couple of hundred times would suck and updating would get confusing...

If "url" "=" "#jay"
Run "notepad.exe" "" "Normal"

So my question is there any way possible to call an external Function Library from the user hard drive while my Neobook Application will be run from a CD-ROm



Yes, you can do that. Just FileWrite your external function to say, the [TempDir], then when you CALL the file specify the same way...

Call "[TempDir]external"


Thanks Jim This Will Be Useful For Me

Be able to update function lists as automatically will save me a lot of time thanks for the tip!!  I just need to put all this together now and see how it works....

I am curious

Jim Brammer

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