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CD Autorun, autorun.inf - autorun.inf, INF

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CD Autorun, autorun.inf - autorun.inf, INF

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 5:29 pm


I realize that there were recent threads on this that I did save, but the hard drive I used decided to go belly-up and I lost it all.

I am getting an application ready that runs entirely on CDROM. The file name will be AMOT.exe. Could someone give me a quick primer on creating an auto-run file, please?

Also, is there any way that I can map the F1 key to a page in a NeoBook application?


Pete Charlton


Actually, I think it might look something like this...


or, if you want to just use the icon of the exe...


...where "0" represents the first icon inside the exe

If you need to fire-up something more, you can use the Sheck Execute command and whatever parameters you want to ptush to the exe...

Sheck Execute=filename.exe parameter1, parameter2

Also, as long as the extension is registered with Windows, you can also make use of Windows tush ociations with the Sheck Execute command...

Sheck Execute=filename.ppt

This would fire up the tush ociated program, "PowerPoint", and open the specified ".PPT" file. (I don't know why in the world someone would want to use "PowerPunt" - but you get the idea...)

With these examples everything should be placed in the root of your disc. Otherwise you'll need to specify the paths.
Jim Brammer

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