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Version 5.6.3

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Version 5.6.3

Postby Pilou » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:05 pm

La version 5.6.3 est disponible en téléchargement !

Qui peux traduire en bon français le texte original ci-dessous en bon Français

NeoSoft Corp. has released NeoBook version 5.6.3.

The version 5.6.3 upgrade patch can be downloaded from the following website:

Follow the instructions to download and apply the update patch.

NOTE: If you registered NeoBook 5 before February 1st 2008 then you will need to purchase a new registration code in order to use version 5.6 or higher. If you purchased NeoBook 5 after February 1st 2008, then this upgrade is free. Registered users of NeoBook 5.0 through 5.5.4 can purchase a new registration code for $25.

This update contains the following:


-Added an incremental search feature to the Goto Page screen. This option allows you to quickly jump to a specific page in a large publication by typing either its page number or the first part of its title. The type of search is determined by the sort method selected (numeric or alpha). The Goto Page screen can be displayed by pressing F7.

-The debugger now shows the location of VBScript and Jscript errors.

-Added a global variable called [WSHTimeOut] which can be used to modify the timeout value (in seconds) used when executing VBScript and JScript functions. Use "-1" to disable the timeout feature. (WSH stands for Windows Scripting Host.)

-Added AbsLeft and AbsTop options to the GetObjectInfo action. Use these options to obtain the object's absolute position relative to the publication's window rather than its parent object.

-Added a Vista manifest to the publication runtime and ActiveX control. The manifest uses the “AsInvoker” option. The manifest will not affect the behavior of compiled publications, but should make running publications under certain high security Vista configurations simpler. (Note: 99.99% of NeoBook users don’t need to worry about this.)

- And several other minor enhancements.


-Corrected a problem that caused an access violation error when using the keyboard (page-up, page-down, etc.) to change pages under certain circumstances.

-List Box objects that have the “allow multiple selections” option enabled now correctly restore selected items when switching between pages.

-Its now possible to compile recursive functions. A recursive function is one that calls itself one or more times. Previously, including a recursive function in a publication would cause the compiler to crash.

-It’s now possible to use extended ASCII/ANSI characters, such as “ç”, in variable names.

-Made several changes to the ActiveX control (NB5ActiveX.ocx) to correct compatibility issues that surfaced when attempting to view pkg compiled publications on Vista PCs configured with non-admin accounts and User Access Control enabled.

-Corrected a problem that sometimes caused an access violation error when renaming objects from the Object List palette.

-Fixed a page printing problem that under certain circumstances could cause a portion of the current page’s background redraw incorrectly.

-Transparent Animated GIFs now display correctly when their fill property is set to something other than “hollow”.

-Corrected a problem that prevented empty List Boxes from redrawing properly when snapped.

-And several other minor fixes.
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