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NeoSwite is back!

Questions or information that don't quite fit anywhere else

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NeoSwite is back!

Postby aSpibz » Fri Feb 20, 2004 12:50 pm


After a lot of days without server... NeoSwite is now back...

The best (I thing) question to comunicate to you is the multilangueage version. Now, you can submit news (wiht the link "Enviar Noticia" ) in your langueage. Near the menú, there is a ListBx tht you can choose the langueage to see the web-site. So if you choose Germany, you can see the news anybody write in your langueage (choosing this option in Enviar noticia), and all the interfece link in Genmany too! There is 20 langueages, and now we have news in Spanish and Catalan.

(NeoSwite is a NeoBook users portal. URLs: or

If you can and want, give me your opinion.
Thanks you,

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