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Send POST froms from NB

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Send POST froms from NB

Postby Hapu » Tue Feb 25, 2003 3:53 pm

My english is poor... I hope you can understand me...
This is just a trick... I trying to send variables from neobook to a site for example to add an user in a data base... BUT... the length is too large for method GET... I need use POST.... but I search the Net and don't found anything to resolve the problem...

Then I use the tools included in neobook...
Create an BrowserWindows... can be hide...
and create the example form...
and a button wich action is create a simple temporary web page with the form with all the variables hidden... and a simple script in the body onload submit this form, and load in the web browser object this temporary file...
and work!!!!

Send button action:<font color='#008000'>
FileWrite "[PubDir]post.htm" "Append" "<html><body onload=';'>"
FileWrite "[PubDir]post.htm" "Append" "<form name='post' action='' method='post'>"
FileWrite "[PubDir]post.htm" "Append" "<input type='hidden' name='field1' value='[form_var]'></form></html>"
BrowserGoTo "WebBrowser1" "[PubDir]post.htm"</font>

That's all!!!!
If you want see this working you can download the draft pub from

I hope you enjoy it!
Bye bye... from Argentina

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Send POST froms from NB

Postby nastone1 » Fri Jul 25, 2003 8:59 pm

the link doesn't work.

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