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Undocumented info for FileOpenBox Command

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2002 4:04 pm
by Jim Brammer
Not explained in the manual or help.

If you want to select multiple files using the FileOpenBox and specify multiple file type masks.

Two options.

Such as all video file types *.vob *.mpeg *.avi

You can do the following using a semi-colon

FileOpenBox "test" "Video Files|*.vob;*.mpg;*.avi" "" "[fileselect]" "MULTIPLE"


Multiple types with user deciding mask using the '|' pipe

FileOpenBox "test" "Video Files|*.vob;*.mpg;*.avi|Bitmaps|*.bmp|Jpegs|*.jpg" "" "[fileselect]" "MULTIPLE"

Amazing what a bit of trial and error picks up.

Should there be a part of this forum for all the undocumented features and hints and tips?

Dave Jarrard