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Help File Support in NeoBook

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Help File Support in NeoBook

Postby Jim Brammer » Thu Feb 07, 2002 6:22 pm

Help Topic
Run "[WindowsDir]\WINHLP32.EXE" "-i My_Topic_Here C:\path\My Help.hlp" "Normal"

Run "[WindowsDir]\WINHLP32.EXE" "-p -n5 C:\path\My Help.hlp" "Normal"

Of course, for the popup to work correctly the topic context # you specify needs to be designated as a popup topic when building your help file. As long as you have done that, wherever the mouse is on the screen when the command is sent is where the popup will appear. With that in mind, you could even create a "What's this?" button. When this button is pressed you could set a special variable that serves as an identifier. ( [WhatsThis]=1 ) All your other button objects first check against the [WhatsThis] variable before performing any other actions. If [WhatsThis] does equal 1 then it means that the user wants Help for the object they just clicked on. All of it only adds a few extra lines of code to each button or object...

If [WhatsThis] = 1
show the user a popup help topic for this object
setvar [WhatsThis] = 0
perform normal operations

/// = = = More Info = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ////

Creates a configuration (.gid) file and quits. If a number is specified, it determines which extensible tab to display by default the first time the Help file is opened. A value of 1 would be the first tab beyond the Find tab.

Displays the Winhlp32.hlp Help file.

-I topic-id        
Displays the Help topic with the specified the topic ID.

-K keyword        
Displays the topic identified by the specified keyword.

-N context-num        
Displays the topic specified by the context number (defined in the [MAP] section of the project file).

-P pop-up-id        
Displays the specified pop-up topic. You must use the -P switch in combination with the -I or -N switch, as shown in the following examples:

-W window-name        
Displays the topic in the specified window definition.

Specifies the Help file to display. If a name is not specified, the File Open dialog box appears.

The above copied from Microsoft's Help Workshop help file
Jim Brammer

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