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End of line comments :D

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End of line comments :D

Postby smokinbanger » Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:51 pm

Quote from the help file:
Any lines appearing in the editor that begin with a period "." are ignored by NeoBook. These are considered comments. For example:

.this is a comment
AlertBox "Greetings" "Hello world."

You can use this feature to add comments to your Action scripts or to temporarily disable commands for debugging purposes.

Well because I don't see it in the help nor could I find any mention of it on the forum here, it seems as though we CAN use "end of line" comments in the action scripts after actions that require parameters! 8)

These work (because the comments are after the last expected parameter):
Code: Select all
If "[SaveToDb]" "=" "Checked" .test
Code: Select all
SetVar "[SaveToDb]" "" test

But these do not (because they don't have parameters):
Code: Select all
EndIf .test
Code: Select all
Return .test
Code: Select all
Return test

P.S. Use at your own risk! I haven't tested it on every action command :roll: but I will be 8)
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