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Run action command

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Run action command

Postby reinier maliepaard » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:35 pm


Running the following from the command line works excellent:

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mcm2xml.exe test.mcm > reinier.xml

Explanation: mcm2xml.exe processes the inputfile test.mcm and saves the result into the file reinier.xml (using the redirection operator >) .

However, for some reason, this specific case does not work with the Neobook Run Command:

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Run "mcm2xml.exe" "test.mcm > reinier.xml" "RunOnce+Wait+Hidden" "" ""

To make it work, this trick will do:

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1. FileWrite "tempxml.bat" "All" "mcm2xml.exe test.mcm > reinier.xml"
2. Run "tempxml.bat" "" "RunOnce+Wait+Hidden" "" ""

reinier maliepaard
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Postby dec » Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:46 am


Maybe you can play a little with the arguments. For example, this code work like we can expect:

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SetVar "[LastCurrentDir]" "[CurrentDir]"
SetVar "[CurrentDir]" "[PubDir]"
Run "dir" ">dirout.txt" "Hidden" "" ""
SetVar "[CurrentDir]" "[LastCurrentDir]"

In this case we take care about the current directory to tell to the "dir" command what directory we want to list. Anyway, you can view here how we can use the "> redirector". I supose that if we can use this here, maybe it's possible to use with your particular program "mcm2xml.exe".

In my opinion, it's not a good idea to create and run "BAT" files, since, for example, in some locations we don't have the appropiate privileges to do it. So, in some extreme an particular cases can be a good solution, but, in my honest opinion, we need to try some possible alternatives when available.

Maybe this article can help in some manner.
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