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Action editor stuff...

PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 9:37 am
by smokinbanger
Here are a few suggestions I've thought about many times;

1. Let say you are editing the action script for a button and type: GoSub "Mysub2" What would be really cools is to be able to right click on the GoSub line and select "Edit Subroutine" for the popup context menu which would, without closing the object properties window, open the subroutine editor (whether it be the book properties dialog or it's own separate editor) and jump to the "Mysub2" subroutine (or if it does not yet exits, jump to the beginning or end of the subroutine editor). With all that said, the second suggestion somewhat relates to the first;

2. Now lets say we need to call a function and type: Call "MyWorthlessFunc" but can't remember what or how many parameters it requires. So we can just double click the Call line and it will open the Call Properties dialog(or window) and there you can see all the fields required. This works for any neobook or plugin action that has an action properties dialog (SetVar, PrintPage, Etc). But...what about a keystroke shortcut that will open the action properties dialog corresponding to the action on which line your cursor is on!!! Like maybe CRTL+E
Now we can start typing: "RegistryRead CRTL+E" and the RegistryRead properties dialog will open enabling you to finish of the action from the properties dialog. Now back the the first suggestion again; how about a shortcut keystroke like CRTL+R to open the when your cursor is on a line containing the GoSub action which would do the same as selecting "Edit Subroutine" from the popup menu.

Now 3. This one will pertain to both the Call and GoSub actions(particularly Call); Lets say we have the Call and GoSub action properties dialog open and we select a function(or subroutine) from the drop down list. But maybe we need to edit the function so an Edit button in the action properties dialog that will open the selected function in the function editor (or subroutine editor as the case may be). Additional buttons could be; View (to double check a function before use), New (to add one if it doesn't exits), and even Delete (probably only the Edit button in the GoSub dialog).

Currently if we have the Call dialog open and already have a function selected but we need to check or edit the function before use we go through several steps that could/should be eliminated: Close the Call Properties dialog, close the full screen editor (if open), close the object (or book) properties dialog, then open the Function Library, reselect the function in question, then click Edit. 6 steps when sometimes all we need to do is View the function! As it is now, I had to build my own standalone function editor to view, edit, etc. without having to close the dialogs already open just to take a peak at a function.

The new way should be (We already have the Call dialog open and the function selected so those don't count as steps here): Click Edit-or View-or New. ONE step!

Re: Action editor stuff...

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:39 am
by Neosoft Support
Those are all really good suggestions. I have printed your post and will add it to the list of things to look into.

For #2, you can open the action properties wizard by pressing Alt+W.

Re: Action editor stuff...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:19 pm
by smokinbanger
Neosoft Support wrote:For #2, you can open the action properties wizard by pressing Alt+W.

Very nice!