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Desktop Shortcut

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:36 pm
by johnpalm
Please add an option for a desktop shortcut into the compile section for pubs compiled as regular .exe files. I really would welcome the addition of this option.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:44 am
by Neosoft Support
I'll add this to our list of things to consider for a future update. In the mean time there are several inexpensive or free utilities that you can use to create a professional installer for your app:


Setup Wizard:

Also, a plug-in called Drives-n-Files includes an action to create a shortcut that might work:

Thank You

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:46 pm
by johnpalm
Yes, thank you for including those links I'll check those out. One I have used and is also free is
but I would love for it to be included so we don't have to go to another program to do it.