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Object Copy Redux

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Postby Enigman » Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:38 pm

Neosoft Support wrote:I think you're overestimating the number of objects needed for my matrix suggestion. You shouldn't need separate objects for each of the hole and joiner group states. You could use one picture object for each hole and one for each joiner.

... and one for each flute, yes.

With this method the total object requirements would be:

1 Flute = (1 outline + (6 holes)) = 7 objects
1 joiner group = (6 positions) = 6 objects

Total flute objects = (20 flutes per row x 4 rows x 7 objects per flute) = 560 objects
Total joiner objects = (19 positions per row x 4 rows x 6 objects per position) = 456 objects
Total objects = 1,016

That's still a lot of objects, but that's the same number you would have to manage if you created and deleted them programmatically.

Not really.

The above provides for the possibility of every position being filled. In practice, they would not all be filled in an edited song since rarely would a song need all positions in each line. Every other line might be only 10 flutes, for example, while the other lines are 14 long. Entire songs for the Native American flute are often two or three lines.

Pre-existing empty images must be appropriately named and tracked. Objects created with a copy command do not have to be tracked at all and the names could be defaulted. Copied objects in this case can be "fire and forget". For the purposes of changes and deleting, the clicked on focused object can have its name extracted and then the delete or alter function can work against that name.

The data file just needs to track the add commands. Each line would record the hole and joiner states. An empty line means no objects in that position. 80 lines should read quickly.

The sheet music could be in one window while the tool palette (the main program) is in another window. If a total refresh of the image is needed, you just close the sheet window and reopen it, reading in all the positions and states.

A new wrinkle developed yesterday. While transcribing "Amazing Grace" into my notation, I discovered that I needed lines longer than 20 icons. I created a new start file in landscape orientation with three lines of 27 icons. That's 81 total and not a big change. But the program would have to allow for both portrait and landscape orientations. That means two pre-created empty image matrices, or 2,045 empty images to manage.

With Object Copy, I still don't care. All I need are two different shaped empty window palettes.

Yes, it could be physically done with an empty image matrix, and Gaev's suggestion for DHTML would also work with somewhat less overhead. I am looking for a solution that is quick and easy enough that I can justify setting aside income generating pursuits to do the freebie. Object Copy would be quick and easy enough.

Thanks for your suggestions. If you think of anything more that might shortcut the process let me know. :D
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