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Rectangle -> On Mouse Over Event

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Rectangle -> On Mouse Over Event

Postby David de Argentina » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:33 pm

Hi Dave,

In the post:

I told about I need know what rectangle i'm using...

This is very hard to do in another languages like powerbasic....

Is possible add On Mouse Over event to a rectangle object...?

(using this way, neobook will tell plugin what rectangle has the focus...)

Thanks in advance,
David de Argentina
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David de Argentina
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Postby Gaev » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:51 pm

David de Argentina:

If I recall, the plugin's space on the screen does NOT have to be defined using only a Rectangle object ... you might try using a Text object ... or a Button object.

But there might still be a problem doing what you want to do ... i.e. if the plug-in's window is layed OVER the Rectangle (or Text or Button) object's screen co-ordinates, then the Mouse Over condition is probably never going to be realized ... just like if Text object A was EXACTLY over Text object B's space, you would never have Text object B get access to mouse click events.

Another thing to try would be for you to place a Text/Button object BELOW the current Rectangle object ... but make it so it is wider and taller (on all sides) than the Rectangle ... and have a [variable] turned on in the MouseEnter section of this Text/Button object ... and have it turned off by your plugin.
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Postby Neosoft Support » Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:27 am

I would not recommend using objects other than Rectangles for plug-ins. The rectangle has certain capabilities designed specifically for plug-in-based components that other objects do not have.

I don't understand why you need a mouse over event for the Rectangle. If the Rectangle has a plug-in object attached, it will not receive any mouse events. What kind of plug-in are you creating where you don't know the name of the Rectangle in advance?
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