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New forum is here!!!! Thanks Dave.....

PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:46 pm
by ebear
Dave thanks a lot for opening this new forum, great. :D

This new forum is a great opportunity to expand Neobook also to the hardware side.

A few examples I already have realized:

Automatically testing and adjusting of brake sensors in our production.
- For this I use arduino boards, with stepper motors.
- Neobook shows and checks the voltage output curves and decides if the sensor is OK or NOK, this is showed on the monitor.
- After the test is finished and the sensor is OK, the stepper turns until the initial settings for the sensor is set.
- Neobook in combination with Neobook DBPro prints a S/N label (with production date, barcode etc) and a record is written in a database (Needed for Quality issues, warranty etc).
- With each tester it is possible to test four sensors at the same time.

Employee ESD registration (Electronics production Anti static)
- When an employee enters the ESD workfloor he/she has to test EDB shoes and equipment. Normally this was done with a tester and paper registration.
- I developed a system where I connected the testers to Windows tablets, with RFID reader. The connection is done by a simple tester to USB cable. (Description also in this forum)
- Next to this is the tester also connected to electromagnetic gates, the gate opens only if the test is OK.
- Employee checks in with a RFID chip, Neobook application recognizes the Employee, and waits for the test result. Test OK gate opens and a Test OK record is written in a DB.
- Test NOK... The tablet shows the employee "Test NOK, no access, check ESD equipment". Test NOK is written in the DB.

I'm working on several other projects, where several also will use communication between Neobook and sensors etc. On the PC side everything is done with Neobook and Plugins, of-cause the arduino boards using there own language.

I hope this forum will bring some more people together with interest in this, and I will be glad to help where I can....



Re: New forum is here!!!! Thanks Dave.....

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:39 am
by Neosoft Support
That's really interesting.