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Example 7: My Little Grid

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:05 am
by David de Argentina
Based on the source of My Little Grid, this sample can:

Load / Save Sheets (like excel, but not compatible)
Create Edit/formulas
Change View Mode (Data or Formulas)
Eval Formulas
Get / Set any Cell value (or Formula)
Clear Grid
Sort asc / desc any col

Menu is in NeoBook code, Grid is in thinBasic code.

If you want to set a formula, you must set = (the equal sign) as the first character. The rest is a simple calculation as A3*B5/F4, etc

Sample is not perfect, but is a good begin point to get a ellegant grid.

Download link:

NeoBook PUB and thinBasic tBasic source codes included.

Enjoy !