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Example 5: NeoThinMIDI

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:10 pm
by David de Argentina
New Sample to test: NeoMidi


Download link:

* Midi composer
* Can select between 127 instruments for each hand.
* 8 octaves for each instrument
* Can play chords.
* Can play different instruments for each hand
* Left hand: is handled by keyboard
* Right hand: is handled by mouse
* Allow to create sequence of notes into the input box (and play its once or forever)
* you can change the tempo for the sequence of notes.
* You can save your own sequence of notes into a .Notes file , and play them as rhythm or complement


Unzip the ZIP package into any folder.
Preserve the folder structure !
Source code is included.
All plugins used are included (see Plugins Folder)

You can change everything into the PUB file and the PlayNote.tBasic file
Do not produce changes into the Module MidiOut.tBasic !

Enjoy it !