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What does we need to distribute our NeoThinBasic Programs ?

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What does we need to distribute our NeoThinBasic Programs ?

Postby David de Argentina » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:43 pm

ThinBasic requires a static folder structure. we must preserve this.

On the program folder:
* The NeoBook compiled EXE program
* The NeoThinBasic.nbp plugin (outside the EXE)
* the thinCore.dll library

If you USES some special features like
or something else,
You MUST have a folder called "LIB" into the Program Folder, with the asociated DLL's, like

If you read the .tBasic from elseware folder (not the program folder), the path for thinBasic continues being [PubDir], not the .tBasic file folder.

PS: Dave: could you put this topic as Anouncement ? Thanks !
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