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No Video

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:11 pm
by KenHos
Here's how it basicly goes....
Retangle1 creaded
dxCreate "Rectangle11" "[Player1]" ""
dxOpenFile "[Player1]" "[mVIDEO]"
dxPlay "[Player1]" "1"

Windows 7, all other video players work!

But Neo DX pops up a window, all black and plays the sound only! I have every available codec I have, every format I have and still the same thing!

I am playing this ina custom window

CustomWindow "" "[mLEFT]" "[mTOP]" "Rectangle11" "NoBorder"
SizeObject "Rectangle11" "[mWIDTH]" "[mHEIGHT]"
MoveObject "Rectangle11" "[mLEFT]" "[mTOP]"

the Varables are for setting up a second monitor! Works with RTF files just fine.

But even without the custom widow same results.

What to do?
Thanks Ken

Re: No Video

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:09 pm
by Neosoft Support
The only time I've encountered a problem with the screen being black while the audio plays was due to a problem with the codec. Usually converting the video to a different codec or format will solve the problem. Since it sounds like you've already done that, I'm not sure what else to suggest. Since the actual media playing is outside of our control, there isn't much we can do if DirectX won't play a video. It could be that something installed on your PC has corrupted some of the codecs or part of DirectX. You might try reinstalling Windows Media Player and see if that helps.

Have you tried running your publication on another PC to see if the videos work there?

Have you tried saving the video in WMV format? This format seems to be much more compatible with newer versions of Windows.

Re: No Video

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:19 pm
by David de Argentina