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HPWTreeView Question

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:39 am
by David de Argentina
Hi Hans-Peter,

I'm doing a Outlook Express Clone.

I need to add on execution time some folders into the TreeView Panel.

As each folder has a table into the database, i do this:

1.- Table Structure (Folders)

ID - Autonumeric
Folder - String(50)
Level - numeric
Image1 - Numeric
Image2 - Numeric
Table - String(50)
Order - Numeric (this field is 100, 200, 300, etc, in order to prevent insert childnodes (another folders) 110, 120, 310, 320, etc)

Actual values of the table:

id=1, Folder=NeoOExpress, level=0, image1=0, image2=0, order=100
id=3, Folder=Inbox, Level=1, image1=2, image2=2, order=300
id=8, Folder=Inbox previous 1/1/2012, Level=2, Image1=3, image2=3, order=310
id=4, Folder=Sent, Level=1, Image1=4, image2=4, order=400
id=9, Folder=Sent previous 1/1/2012, Level=2, image1=4, image2=4, order=410
Id=5, Folder=Trash, Level=1, Image1=5, image2=5, order=500
id=6, Folder=WhiteBoard, Level=1, image1=6, image2=6, order=600

2.- Treeview Creation function

Code: Select all
dbpSort "mail" "Folders" "order=ASC"
dbpFirst "mail" "Folders"
loop "1" "[mail.Folders.$RecCount]" "[i]"
  if "[mail.Folders.Level]" "=" "0"
    hpwTreeViewAddNode "TreeView" "[mail.Folders.Folder]" "[mail.Folders.Image1]" "[mail.Folders.Image2]"
    hpwTreeViewAddChildNode "TreeView" "[mail.Folders.Level]" "[mail.Folders.Folder]" "[mail.Folders.Image1]" "[Carpetas.Image2]"
  dbpNext "mail" "Folders"

3.- Runtime Right Click Menu actions:

Code: Select all
  Setvar "[NewTable]" ""
  InputBox "New Folder" "Input the name of the new Folder" "[NewTable]"
  if "[NewTable]" ">" ""
    dbpGotoRecord "mail" "Folders" "[TreeView_AbsIndex]"
    SetVar "[Parent_NodeID]" "[mail.Folders.ID]"
    SetVar "[Parent_NodeOrder]" "[mail.Folders.Order]"
    SetVar "[Parent_NodeLevel]" "[mail.Folders.Level]"
    SetVar "[Parent_NodeImage1]" "[mail.Folders.Image1]"
    SetVar "[Parent_NodeImage2]" "[mail.Folders.Image2]"
    dbpAddRecord "mail" "Folders"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Folder]" "[NewTable]"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Table]" "[NewTable]"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Level]" "[Parent_NodeLevel]+1"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Image1]" "[Parent_NodeImage1]"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Image2]" "[Parent_NodeImage2]"
    SetVar "[mail.Folders.Order]" "[Parent_NodeOrder]+10"
    dbpSaveEdits "mail" "Folders"
    gosub "HPTreeView" (2.-)

Both scripts works, but the added nodes allways appair together, under one parent node, not each one under the correct parent node.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,
David de Argentina

Re: HPWTreeView Question

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 12:28 pm
by HPW

hpwTreeViewAddChildNode gets a absolute position id where to add the child.
You seems to think that that are the numbers of the top level nodes.
But every node counts in this number.
Look at page 2 of the demo and play with AddNode and AdChildNode with different numbers.



Re: HPWTreeView Question

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:07 pm
by David de Argentina
Thanks Hans-Peter,

It works fine now.

Greetings from Buenos Aires
David de Argentina