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Looking for a Plugin Developer - Network Messaging

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Looking for a Plugin Developer - Network Messaging

Postby jamienz » Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:33 am

Hi team,

We are currently developing an application that has a need to be able to communicate between instances running on different machines on the same LAN, without the need for a central server.

The apps would need to be able to 'find' each other without having to be manually loaded, and need to be able to assign "groups" to apps to define certain types of communication.

This requirement is used for a number of different features, such as sharing proprietary hardware between more than one computer, and making sure that data is only scanned once from a master list that is shared between more than one application.

So - as far as I know, there are not currently any plugins that provide this functionality, and I can't think of any other way of achieving this. And so would like to put a request out there to see if any plug in developers would be happy to help, or if anyone else can think of another way of achieving this requirement.

The solution/plugin would need to be able to do the following:

    - Set the application as a 'receiver' and enable certain groups/tags for what the application is willing to receive.
    i.e. EnableReceiver "Printers" to set an application as a receiver and add it to the "Printers" group.
    - Identify applications on the network that are acting as receivers under certain groups and put them into an array
    i.e. FindReceivers "Printers" "[PrintersReceivers]" to find applications that have added themselves to the Printer group and put them in the array [PrintersReceivers].
    - Send broadcasts to all applications in a group, or just once application
    i.e. SendBroadcast "Printers" "12345" to send the message "12345" to all applications in the Printers group, or SendMessage "A0987" "12345" to send the message "12345" to application "A0987".
    - Receive messages and process these using a subroutine which can be set for each group
    i.e. ReceiveSub "Printers" "PrintersSub" "[PrintersReceived]" "[PrintersSender]" which would set variables [PrintersReceived] and [PrintersSender] as the text received and the handle of the application that sent the message (allowing replies), and the run the subroutine "PrintersSub" whenever a message was received under the "Printers" group.
    - Get the 'handle' for each application, which is used to identify applications running and would be used to send a message directly to an application
    i.e. GetHandle "[Handle]" would output the handle of the machine running the application to the variable [Handle], where [Handle] could then be used in an request like SendMessage "[Handle]" "12345" by another application to send a message to this machine.

As you can see, this provides the framework of basically a peer to peer communication application. On top of paying for development, I'd be quite happy for the developer to release the plug-in for commercial use/to sell as well - I'm sure it could be used by other developers for P2P communication :)

Whether this was done using something like Bonjour, or another ZeroConf framework, as long as it achieved the above requirements we would be happy.

Anyway - if anyone has any thoughts on how to achieve this, or would be interested in discussing developing this, please send me an email at nbdev at As we are in need of having this developed, I have also posted this on oDesk to see if anyone out there is interested - but know there is a wealth of talented devs in here who may be able to help.

Let me know!


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Postby TechMediaPlugins2010 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:31 am

I can help you, please mail me for quotation
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