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New npRexp NeoPlugin for Neobook

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New npRexp NeoPlugin for Neobook

Postby dec » Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:22 pm

This plugin allow you to use one or more regular expresion objects in order to search and replace text using regular expresions on your publications. The plugin provide also some globals actions to search, split, replace text using regular expresions and more.

These global actions not need the interaction of a previosly created Rexp object instance. But creating this you can get all the power of the regular expresions search and replace. The plugin allow you to modify the r.e. engine behaviour, get and set r.e. modifiers, use all kind of metachars, etc.

The plugin provide various samples, and an introduction to the regular expresions syntax. The regular expresions appear to be difficult to the novices, but since you get the trick, you have on your hands a very potential search and replace text tool. So it's time to learn!

You can download the npRexp from here.

Thank you!
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