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New npKeys NeoPlugin for Neobook

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:38 am
by dec
Hi to all!

This plugin allows you to add system-wide Hotkeys to your publication. A hotkey in Windows is a key combination which invokes a specific action. You can often use “CTRL + S” from an application to save a file. However, a system-wide hotkey allows you to invoke a custom action from anywhere. Your application doesn’t have to be in the foreground or even visible to receive the hotkey events.

For example if your publication is executed in the system tray, the Hotkeys continue available for your publication. This plugin allow you to add any number of Windows Hotkeys, controlling it by their key combination (or shortcut) or by the Hotkeys ID’s. Also you can prove that a Hotkey is valid and available before try to register it, or change one Hotkey for another if neccesary.

You can download the npKeys from here.

Thank you!