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NeoTranslator Plugin Released

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NeoTranslator Plugin Released

Postby David de Argentina » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:17 pm

If you need add some translation capabilities to your programs, feel free to try this plugin.

This Plugin is based on the Microsoft Translation Engine, supports multi-language input & output, and works fine with up 700 characters input.

Plugin returns the translated text, and the charset used to show the result text (usually UTF-8 ). Is for this reason the sample uses a WebBrowser object to show the result text, specially when the result is non-occidental language.

As NeoBook does not support Unicode as input, i think this kind of characters are limited by the regional configuration for each machine. The output could be any charset, because is displayed on a webbrowser object.

Plugin has one function:



ae_NeoTranslate "Register_Key" "[text]" "[From]" "[to]" "ReturnVar" "NeoCallBack"


Register_Key is the key I provide you when register.
[text]: is the Text to be traduced. Could be a [variable].
[From]: is the original language. could be a [variable].
[to]: is the target language. Could be a [variable].
ReturnVar: is the name of the [variable] to store the translated text. Do not use brackets [ ].
NeoCallBack: is the name of a NeoBook function that will be launched when the translation is complete. You can do everything in this function.


[ReturnVar]: with the translated String.
[ae_Translator_Charset]: with the charset used into the return webpage.

You can download it at: ...

Plugin is Shareware (u$s 25.-)

Enjoy it !

David de Argentina
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