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Google Translator API Wrapper (direct connect to service)

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Google Translator API Wrapper (direct connect to service)

Postby TechMediaPlugins2010 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 2:17 pm

Google Translator API Wrapper
TmGTranslator direct connect with Google Ajax Service to make translations without need of any script or browser.

Generally, developers access the translation service via URL, using a GET command. It is not 100% correct. First, this URL is used for end-user requests via browser. Its parameters are not documented and can be changed any time. The response is a normal web page with a lot of tags, text etc. It is difficult to extract the result from it. The response layout can be (and it will be) changed in the future.

Techmedia developed a DLL with all necessary CGI arguments to directly connect to the service and receive the proper JSON encoded response. Google service uses encoded URLS to process all stuff, and our DLL deal with all Unicode stuff. Neobook does not support Unicode, so our DLL do all the "dirty" work behind the scene. And, it´s API base, so it will not stop working if Google change layout of the standart request.

It´s really easy to use

Please try it for yourself:
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